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I'm sawing off the awkward bit on the lump of mahogany.
Not an urgent task, but I wanted to stop my wife saying "You'll put somebody's eye out with that.

The two pieces.
I think I could make a fine wood sculpture out of the off-cut. It could gather dust on the sideboard with my previous wood sculpture.
How about a fine Junoesque figure of a woman? An opera singer maybe.

Threraputic work
This is not at all difficult. Slow going, but quite pleasant work to do. There's not much chance of making a mistake; it's just a case of passing it backwards and forwards as the edge gets gradually closer to the trace line.
I have done half. The rest will be done later. And I have left the straight part of the neck joint as I want to do some final checking to make sure it matches whichever neck I choose. The cut-out for the neck slot will not be on this template but on a subsequent one which will also include the pickup routs and the one for the trem. Probably the body cavities and control cavities too. In fact the body cavities will most likely house the controls.

Progress report
This just about sums it up.
We've had rather a lot on our minds for the last few months, but now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel the spring warmth that is just around the corner.

It's hard to work out an order for doing jobs, and often unnecessary. One of the first tasks will be to cut and re-join the mahogany slab. This is what the edges look like. They will certainly need to be planed.
I have an incredibly true eye. I can tell if a picture is crooked by half an RCH at 25 paces, but unfortunately my hands are not correspondingly true. If I try to straighten the picture, I shall be there all day.

This is a piece of drawer-front from the Waring & Gillow chest of drawers. It is very solid and completely flat on both sides.
It might look a bit tatty, but under that polish is beautiful, clean mahogany that looks exactly like my Honduras mahogany. I guess it was imported from the same place at around the same time and could even have come from the same tree. But that's an aside.

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