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Mark it up ...

... and cut it out.

And there she is in place, ready to be used when I pluck up courage.

Another aside: This strat body was routed about ten or fifteen years ago and the rectangle was cut from the drawer-front yesterday—the one I used for the planer guide—and just sanded down a bit.
I reckon if that's not from the same tree it's from the same forest.
The rectangular piece, by the way, is for a heel for my Les Paul Adolescent project. I didn't mention that? Oh, I might start another blog for it. The Les Paul Adolescent will be half-way between a Les Paul Junior and a fully grown, adult Les Paul.

Instant gratification!
That was just one stroke with the planer. I think I'm pretty happy about that now, but I've got to make some kind of arrangements for gluing.
I want to use animal hide glue, and I have never used it before and I don't have a glue kettle. I saw a post on the interweb where someone had made one from a slow-cooker, and from what I've seen so far one of those would be easier to find and cheaper than a proper glue kettle. I have learnt that the correct temperature is 140°—150°, so that's a start.

The before and after shows how effective that was.
Two strokes of the plane on each edge were enough.

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