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The paper template is a discarded mishap, but the shape and size are correct.
This is not necessarily exactly where I shall cut, but thankfully it seems that I won't run out of wood.

There is a clear inch for me to make my saw-cut in, and that's one of the next tasks.

I was a little disappointed when I tried it out yesterday. After an-hour-and-a-half, from cold, it reached a temperature of 145° and stayed there. Not too bad because that was the temperature I was reckoning on using, but I would have preferred a little leeway.
Today I tried it with my handy-dandy creosoted plywood lid, and I can easily get a sustained temperature from anywhere between about 130° and 180°. I also learned that starting off with hot water from a kettle saves a lot of time.

Well, that didn't go so badly. Don't know why I worried so much; my cut is on the outside edges.

I've been quiet for a couple of days, but I've not been dormant.
Can you guess what I'm thinking about here?

This is for marking the holes really quickly. It's just a matter of placing the blank over the spikes and pressing down on it. The spikes are one inch clout nails coming through pre-drilled holes and held tight by the piece of ply screwed on the bottom.
The outer fixing holes are drilled at 2.5mm and adjustment holes at 3mm.

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